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I went to work I late and left early. I started knitting a hat for my son (or my daughter, if she gives my son's hat back to him). I sewed a little linen bag to hold sausages and made a drawstring for it - I'm quite pleased with the pattern of the braid in thee drawstring. I hemmed my friend's dress. The crafting is balm for my soul.

So is the visiting. I had a three hour drive with [ profile] pink_lady2, and then hours of chatting with friends at the house where I'm staying. Tomorrow we'll get up early and drive to another town to meet more friends, do more crafting, and talk about crafting and history. Then we'll drive home; hopefully without the thick fog that dogged us for much of today.

There aren't many better ways to spend a weekend.
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Yesterday I got to celebrate [ profile] mythmaker999's elevation to the Order of the Laurel, the top arts award in my medieval club. As she researches and makes many things related to 16th C Flanders, many of the activities focused around creating the look and feel of peasant weddings and other celebrations from art of the time. A big part of that is the food, so I made five kinds of sausages and two kinds of mustard. Others made cheese pear, apple and strawberry tarts, waffles, breads, and jams/sauces. I blogged about my contribution here:

I also made a new costume for the day:
Alais looked lovely, though I wish I could have gotten her glasses off her before taking the picture. She didn't know I had the camera out though, and I didn't want to spoil her concentration by letting her know:
Part of her ceremony involved a dance, which looked really lovely.


Aug. 20th, 2016 10:18 pm
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I got up too early, went for a swim and then made five kinds of sausage today. Technically it's only 4 1/2 as the last one needs to refrigerate overnight and then get smoked tomorrow. All are Belgian/German/northern French recipes to be used for a party next weekend in honour of my friend [ profile] mythmaker999. She loves all things Flenish, and this was the best I could do.

I'm going to go fall asleep now. I should be watching the final Tragically Hip concert with the rest of Canada, but I'm too pooped.
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Yesterday's headband:
no title

Today's project:

Very tired now. Going to go to fall boom into bed.

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This isn't exactly sewing, but it is something I made and will be using next week. It is a sausage stuffer (basically a very primitive funnel made of cow's horn). I'm researching medieval sausages, and this is one of the tools I have been able to document. You can read about my sausage research here:


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The weekend was busy - yesterday involved a longish swim, shopping for much of the day with [ profile] pink_lady2, and a fitful sleep. Today involved 8:15 church service (so much for sleeping in!) so we could make it to riding, then a visit to my parents' followed by dealing with the food purchases from yesterday. I made:

Vegetable Sausage Soup for my lunches
Murstard Brussels Sprouts (ftw!)
Trout with Sour Cream (also ftw as ShuLing came back for thirds)
Oriental Stroganoff for kids' lunches
Mashed potatoes to go with the trout (Geoff made a salad)
Noodles to go with the stroganoff
Steel cut oatmeal for breakfasts
Salmon filets that needed to be dealt with as they had been thawed

I was supposed to make pork wellington but forgot to take more pork tenderloin out of the fridge
I was supposed to cook a chicken but couldn't remember which recipe I had planned to use (it was boiled chicken with noodles, for the record, and I now need more noodles)
I was supposed to make an avocado salad, but I ran out of steam

I also cleaned the kitchen at least three times. Thankfully, ShuLing took care of making brownies for lunches and cleaned up her own dishes.

The kitchen isn't completely tidy as my latest dyeing project is still on the counter. I tried the purple loosestrife. After I had dumped my wool in the dyebath, I flipped through a dyeing book that suggested letting the mordant age for a day or two. I'll have to try that next time, as the purple loosestrife didn't give nearly the dark purply-black I had been led to expect. I am seriously considering an A&S entry built entirely around ditch weeds that would have been found in medieval Europe. I need to research whether ordinary folks would have had access to alum, and whether they would have bothered dyeing. How much information is there about finds using dyes other than madder, weld and woad?

I am now in serious need of sleep. My hands are rough from dishwashing and my back hurts from standing by the stove.
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I finally got to the Archaeological Museum in Saint Germain en Laye - it has taken 20 years. I spent ages in the two small rooms devoted to Merovingian period finds. I finally got to see the pieces from Arnegunde's tomb. They have reinterpreted her costume and done DNA analysis etc. and there was a brochure all about it. The new interpretation makes much more sense! IIn addition to many many brooches, I saw some huge earrings, a lot of gold thread that is the remains of either embroidery or narrow weaving, and a few combs. I took about 100 picures in those two rooms alone. I tried to pay attention to the gallo-roman finds, or the amazing paleolithic pieces, but I was way too tired and excited about what I had already seen. I bought a few books and two reproduction Merovingian glasses. One is from 6th C Strassbourg (practically Siglinde's home town) and in a design I hadn't seen before. I had not planned to use garnets on the brooches I am making, but after looking at all the beautiful brooches on display, I think I will put two into the design after all, if I can find suitable cabochons.


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