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Yesterday I got to celebrate [ profile] mythmaker999's elevation to the Order of the Laurel, the top arts award in my medieval club. As she researches and makes many things related to 16th C Flanders, many of the activities focused around creating the look and feel of peasant weddings and other celebrations from art of the time. A big part of that is the food, so I made five kinds of sausages and two kinds of mustard. Others made cheese pear, apple and strawberry tarts, waffles, breads, and jams/sauces. I blogged about my contribution here:

I also made a new costume for the day:
Alais looked lovely, though I wish I could have gotten her glasses off her before taking the picture. She didn't know I had the camera out though, and I didn't want to spoil her concentration by letting her know:
Part of her ceremony involved a dance, which looked really lovely.


Aug. 20th, 2016 10:18 pm
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I got up too early, went for a swim and then made five kinds of sausage today. Technically it's only 4 1/2 as the last one needs to refrigerate overnight and then get smoked tomorrow. All are Belgian/German/northern French recipes to be used for a party next weekend in honour of my friend [ profile] mythmaker999. She loves all things Flenish, and this was the best I could do.

I'm going to go fall asleep now. I should be watching the final Tragically Hip concert with the rest of Canada, but I'm too pooped.
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I have finally gotten enthusiastic about projects again. I researched possible dye stuffs for the trip to l'Anse aux Neadows. I have started cutting pieces of wood, bone and soapstone for various projects to work on while I'm there (I get to do carving as well as textile stuff this time!). I started working on a horse hair fishing line. I still need to research and prepare notes for a lecture on Viking Age foods and food preparation, and think a bit more about preparing a hands-on class to make rope, net and slyng. I need to practice my runes (all styles) as apparently I will be doing a demo of carvving runes. Likely I will end up making luggage tags for all of Ragnar's bags of trade goods. I even spun up about half of one of the wools I dyed last year. I can use it for naalbinding in the textile room, now that it no longer looks like commercial roving. I might even try tablet weaving, as I got 50 wooden tablets last weekend.

I have been blogging a bit about all of this at I wish there was a way to cross-post directly to here. I'm not sure that all of these things fit on my A&S 50 Challenge list, so I may have to revise the list yet again.

It's good to feel productive again.

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Had a great visit with Breannadh. I may actually complete my Fian challenge after all. You can find an update here:

The drive to Alliston along the highway was fine. The drive back going cross-country via Peterborough was better. Two days away from work was lovely. 
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I feel like I have been completely sideswiped on my challenge recently. I blame the Farmer`s Market. Yesterday it was peach jam. Today it was pickled beets. I still need to pickle my onions and I want to make plum jam. I have also promised to join a friend to make grape, apple and/or crabapple jelly. Mom is sad that she missed out on making the pickled beets, so I have to schedule another session. I have also dried a year`s supply of tomatoes. None of these can be counted towards my challenge.

Tomorrow, I will try to get some beef jerky smoked, if it isn`t raining and I have time after riding lessons and taking ShuLing to Kemptville for her `job`.

Somehow, it has gotten to be the end of the summer and I have yet to drag out my tent to convert it to a Viking A Frame. I need it for camping this weekend. I also need to finish my Merovingian brooch molds so I can send them home with Bre for casting. Kermit Flail!!!
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This recipe is from Sabrina Welserin's 1553 cookbook, available on-line via Cariadoc's Miscelleny. I wish I could find out something about this cook. I love tongue. It's a dish I associate with Alsace and Lorraine, where I first had it as a teenager. This dish isn't anything like the tongue I ate there, but it fits perfectly into the food preservation theme of my A&S 50 challenge. I won't make nearly as many as suggested in this recipe, but I do plan to make a trip to my favourite halal butcher this weekend to see if I can get one or two.

If you would make good pickled tongue. They are best made in January, then they will keep the whole year
First take twenty five tongues or as many as you will and take them one after the other and pound them back and front on a chopping block, then they will be long. After that pound salt small and coat the tongues in salt. Take then a good small tub and put salt in the bottom, after that lay a layer of tongues as close together as possible, put more salt on them so that it is entirely white from salt. In this manner always place a layer of tongues, after that a layer of salt, until they are all laid out. Then weigh them down well so that they are covered by the brine and allow them to remain for fifty days, afterwards hang them for four days in smoke. When they have smoked enough, hang them next in the air, then you have good smoked tongue.

Thanks [ profile] cortejo ! 


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