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Workload pressures and the emotional stress of starting a mediated process with my problem manager who is not on sick leave has left me so disinclined to look at messages that I am even ignoring my blackberries. Both of them, which if you know me at all means I am either near death or in need of therapy or an intervention.

It took two days of furious photocopying and a late night session of scanning, but I now have four years of detailed financial records ready for the mediator. I'll drop it off while ShuLing is at the orthodontist's, getting braces tomorrow. Hopefully that will go okay, since she has a cold and sore throat she has now shared with me. I have a ton of work awaiting me at the office, but I was looking forward to working from home while she gets used to the braces. Now I'll have to waste a sick day on being sick -what's up with that???

I'm hoping Geoff isn't getting it too, since he injured his pericardium playing rugby yesterday. He felt too sore to go to school, so I told him to get himself to a clinic. I felt bad about the pile of frozen snow blocking the driveway - that he had to shovel to get the car out - after he got sent to Emergency for an ECG. It's just bruised, not torn, which is a blessing.

Geoff has figured out a way to improve his math mark, which is required for his chosen university courses. He will be doing four hours two nights
a week at the adult high school, on top of a heavy course load next semester. I guess I should be pleased that he is finally taking responsibility, but I really wish he would learn from examples and listen to advice, instead of insisting on doing everything the hard way.

To end my day, I got to break out new sheets. The old ones had hairball residue, thanks to the cats. Oh, and the second time the dog broke into the garbage and composter, I got to see my neighbour's new little dog. I was putting the composter outside to preserve my cupboards from Kaboone's depredations, in my nightie, when the dog tried to run into the house.

My life has many stupid adventures. If they were more entertaining, I could write a movie script. I can't imagine who would play me.

weird cats

Nov. 19th, 2011 07:10 am
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Max has taken to going outside the litter box. It appears to be misbehaviour rather than illness or dirty litter box. Frequently, the "accidents" have been right beside the freshly cleaned litter box. After several weeks of this, I have started locking both cats in my bedroom when I can't be around to watch them. After all, their food and water are already there to protect them from Horrible Dog.

Nights are easy as they have always slept with me. In the mornings, Max (the offender) is no problem either. He is usually laying on Kaboone's bed and is willing to be carried upstairs. Gatita, however, is a wiley escape artist who leads me in a wild game of tag. This daily struggle makes no sense as she spends her days on my bed, often curling up there long before I head out to work.

Cats are perverse. I may finally be winning the litter box battle as Max just used the litter box when the bedroom door was open. My next challenge will be to convince the cats to sleep later in the morning. They sleep until i kick them out of bed when they aren't shut in - naturally!


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