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It has been a very long time. Part of ShuLing's Christmastime anxiety related to what would happen after she died. In desperation, I asked whether she would find comfort in going to a church, where she would meet people who believe in heaven. She said yes, so we gave it a try New Year's Day. It was really nice to get to sing in a community and meet some friendly souls. Unfortunately, there is no singing at the 8:15 service, and we use the Book of Common Prayer instead of the Book of Alternative Services (more modern English). I miss the singing, and ShuLing would find the modern service easier to understand, but we will cope. Afterwards, we go to riding, and the drive is a good opportunity to discuss faith and philosophy. I'm not a great believer in all the tenets, but I get great comfort from knowing that people I like and admire are believers - if they can have such faith, then there must be something worth examining. And though I may not be a true believer in the first commandment, I have long held the second (love thy neighbour as thyself) as central to my personal believe system. It's nice to hear it repeated every couple of weeks.


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