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After being up way too late last night, I was in the pool at 7 am. My comfy lane of just three weeks ago is now too slow, so my swim times must be getting better. I got hauled out part-way through and introduced to the coach who is organizing participation in Nationals. He gave me all the instructions on how to register, so I guess I'm committed now. I even joined the gang practising for relays - dove off the starting blocks for the first time ever, and didn't disqualify my team.

Then it was off to the pottery show with [ profile] pink_lady, and home for a few minutes rest before my mom showed up to sew. We were working on a lovely turquoise linen dress that just wouldn't go together right; the right and wrong side of the fabric were virtually indistinguishable, but there was slight fading in spots on one side, so care was needed. We ended up sewing and unpicking the lined bodice about three times, and the darts in the skirt were almost as painful. I<m down to joining at the waist, inserting a zipper and hemming, plus I got most of another dress cut out. I was absolutely exhausted and couldn't convince Mom it was time to go until I pointed out it had gotten dark. Dad hates to drive in the dark. She would have kept going until the whole dress was completed. My mom scares me.


Mar. 31st, 2013 10:21 pm
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This is the first year I can remember having Easter without either of the kids. No getting up ridiculously early to hide eggs. No going around later to find all the eggs they missed (or couldn't be bothered hunting for as they got older). No eating vast quantities of chocolate because neither kid particularly likes the stuff, but it can't be thrown away.

Instead, I woke up far too early, then read for hours, and finally got into the usual family holiday traditions.

1. run around like a madwoman trying to clean at the last possible minute, instead of getting a good start on housecleaning hours or days in advance;

2. get confused with my sister over who is bringing what. This year, I purchased a turkey and a ham as they were on sale. Then she piped up saying she had a pork roast she wanted to share. By the time I had said I thought that was fine, she had wandered off into some goofy joke land of her own; this morning she phoned to find out whether she was to bring the roast or not.
3. Eat far too much dessert. This year, Mom brought lemon meringue pie, hot cross buns, Easter cupcakes, a fruit platter, some kind of berry pie, and chocolates. We never touched the berry pie, fruit platter or cupcakes. We nibbled at chocolate and each had half a hot cross bun, plus some pie. I had planned to make pumpkin muffins, but abandoned the idea as soon as I saw what they had brought.
4. Goofy times in the kitchen as the women wash dishes and put them away together. The men would probably help if we let them, but this has evolved into our time together.
5. Making the turkey soup. Which sounds like it is bubbling too high as I write, so that's it for tonight.


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