Sep. 1st, 2014 03:37 pm
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I haven't posted a picture in a while, but she is looking pretty fine! S says she is becoming more responsive to her cues, and she is definitely more fit and flexible.
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Went out to visit Fancy and feed her dinner as S was at a cottage for the day. Fancy demonstrated, with gusto, that she has mastered the nose-operated drinking fountain. She snarfed back all her grain, then went back to snuffle all the bits that had spilled when she first ate (she doesn't have a tooth problem - she just tries to stuff too much in her mouth). This made her thirsty, so she stopped several times for huge drinks. S hadn't believed me that she had figured it out even though we never saw her drinking on her own, so this was reassuring to her.

I finally found an approximate dimension for The Pond, a former quarry in Rockcliffe Park. It is approximately rectangular, with the longest part being 170m. From looking at the map, I estimate that a single circuit of the perimeter is about 400m. Since it opens every day from 7-2, and is in easy walking distance from my house, I think I might start swimming there to get in some distance over the summer.,-75.6665454,16z

I'm going to swim at Meech Lake tomorrow, for the first time all summer - squee! [ profile] rozalynd promises me a 45 minute workout, which will be great.


Jun. 30th, 2014 10:35 am
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I have now been a horse owner for 10 days. That is something I never thought would happen. The girl is extremely happy. We get out to see her every day, and S is working hard to get her back into training. I'm impressed with how well it is going, but I'm anxious to see her starting to ride. She seems nervous to try, as though Fancy is too delicate; despite the fact that she happily rode her when we were thinking about buying her. Maybe she's right; maybe I can get her to saddle up for a couple of minutes today, if only to be sure that everything fits as it should.

I wish she would wake up so we could get out to the stable soon. It's going to be another brutally hot day and S got so overheated and over-tired yesterday that she had troubles eating, and has been asleep for 13 hours.


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