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Workload pressures and the emotional stress of starting a mediated process with my problem manager who is not on sick leave has left me so disinclined to look at messages that I am even ignoring my blackberries. Both of them, which if you know me at all means I am either near death or in need of therapy or an intervention.

It took two days of furious photocopying and a late night session of scanning, but I now have four years of detailed financial records ready for the mediator. I'll drop it off while ShuLing is at the orthodontist's, getting braces tomorrow. Hopefully that will go okay, since she has a cold and sore throat she has now shared with me. I have a ton of work awaiting me at the office, but I was looking forward to working from home while she gets used to the braces. Now I'll have to waste a sick day on being sick -what's up with that???

I'm hoping Geoff isn't getting it too, since he injured his pericardium playing rugby yesterday. He felt too sore to go to school, so I told him to get himself to a clinic. I felt bad about the pile of frozen snow blocking the driveway - that he had to shovel to get the car out - after he got sent to Emergency for an ECG. It's just bruised, not torn, which is a blessing.

Geoff has figured out a way to improve his math mark, which is required for his chosen university courses. He will be doing four hours two nights
a week at the adult high school, on top of a heavy course load next semester. I guess I should be pleased that he is finally taking responsibility, but I really wish he would learn from examples and listen to advice, instead of insisting on doing everything the hard way.

To end my day, I got to break out new sheets. The old ones had hairball residue, thanks to the cats. Oh, and the second time the dog broke into the garbage and composter, I got to see my neighbour's new little dog. I was putting the composter outside to preserve my cupboards from Kaboone's depredations, in my nightie, when the dog tried to run into the house.

My life has many stupid adventures. If they were more entertaining, I could write a movie script. I can't imagine who would play me.
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As always, it was a great event. My new tent worked! I made a net bag. Pictures of both at ShuLing and her friend Emily managed to have a good time, despite there being no feast in the mead hall this year. Emily learned netting and ShuLing learned stick weaving. Both got into taking care of the fire - though not so much into searching for wood.

Kaboone had a wonderful time as always. He tended to wander off and visit all the other camps; it became a bit of a challenge to keep track of him. I'm told that at one point, someone commented that he was a good old dog - very sweet, seems to know exactly where to go, just wanders in slowly and hangs out for a bit, then gently meanders along to the next encampment. The comparison was made with Finvarr, and that brought up recollections of his old dog Arthur. Years ago, Arthur was Finvarr's faithful companion as he made the rounds of the camp each evening. Arthur was still around when I first told ShuLing the bedtime story of the constellation Finvarr; Sir Finvarr, in his knight's belt, uses his mighty sword to guard the northern lands through the winter. Arthur was the dog at Finvarr's heel. Kaboone has been sleeping for the last four hours, as he got far more exercise than normal.

I missed getting to visit with some good friends who normally come to Baron's Howe, but I very much enjoyed spending time with others. High points included geeking out on 14th C recreation to a much higher standard than the usual SCA, learning about options for handling my little bearded axe, getting feedback on next steps for my Merovingian brooches, and discussing cookware. I now know how to fix my aluminium wash water pot to make it look more authentic, and have ordered a new cookpot, ladle and wooden-handled cooking fork (squee!).

I even wandered around to other encampments a bit and got to know a few new (to me) people. I even did a fair bit of laurel-type stuff for once. I participated in begging the boon for Daffyd, which may be the first time in my 10+ years as a Laurel. I didn't even get to do it for my own apprentice, as I was out of the country.
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And this is one of them.  I had the mincemeat pie on the counter (hadn't found a high enough place to hide it yet) and went upstairs to wake Geoff to go to Mom's.  I came back down to discover the horrible creature had knocked the pie down and was eating the crust.  I had figured it would be safe for two minutes as he had just been given his dinner.  Guess I'll be baking again tomorrow morning.  So much for planning ahead.


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