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I was reading this last night and nearly peed myself laughing. I still can't decide whether I love Paul's wife (in the comments - the one who sent her kid to school with alcoholic apple juice)best, or the kid who belted out Sweet Transvestite when asked to share a song at kindergarten. The whole thing about the "mandatory school lists" puzzled me, though. It's not something we have here. I have seen some recommended items lists, and Bed Bath and Beyond has lists available of what is provided in university dorms across the country (and what is recommended) so families can buy all the things and have their kids pick them up at the nearest store when they get to university, but that's about it.

Today I was in Ogdensburg to pick up a parcel and we decided to go to Walmart. They had a whole bulletin board covered in envelopes with "the list" for every school in the area! My daughter did not find this to be nearly as hilarious as I did. I then proceeded to buy her a single file folder, and a lunch bag (after complaining that she had used the same one for a decade, and surely she could cope for one more year since she'll be graduating in June). I forgot to get the stapler she wanted.

Dave Barry

Aug. 17th, 2012 03:18 pm
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It has been a while since I have read any of his articles, but today I dipped back through his Olympics coverage. It's not quite as funny as his early stuff, when my sister and I would hurt ourselves we were laughing so hard. Still, I got a few giggles about his descriptions of rhythmic gymastics, the joys of betting on the outcome of beach volleyball, and the photos of the Lego royals. I nearly gave this article a miss, but I think grondzilla will particularly appreciate it, while bend_gules may need to check it out for herself and report back:


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