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Aug. 11th, 2015 06:56 pm
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It didn't start out that way but it has been nice.

It was pouring rain this morning so I gave swimming a miss. It makes no sense, since I was getting wet anyway, but there you are. Instead, I continued work on taking apart a shirt to refashion it until the girl woke up. We headed out to the barn and she decided it was too hot to ride, so Fancy got a bit of pampering and then we headed to the Museum of Nature.

Do NOT try to go to a popular exhibit during the summer, on a rainy day, in a city that relies on tourism! The line-up snaked out of the museum entrance, so we went to the Museum of Civilization (I will not call it the Museum of History). The parking lot was full, as were all of the back-up parking lots recommended by staff, so we went to the Art Gallery. It was busy, but we could park. The girl had been hoping I would go with a friend so she could skip out on this visit, so I had to bribe her with food.

We saw the Alex Colville exhibit, which was quite well done. Sometimes there isn't enough text to explain the art, or it isn't clear, but this was just right. I have a much better understanding of his techniques, images, influences on his work and who he influenced (did you know that there are four Alex Colville paintings in The Shining?), and the love of his life (married 70 years), muse, and favourite model.

We had a few minutes to spare, so we whipped through the Canadian art galleries and spotted one of our favourites: The girl danced to a piece inspired by this a few years ago, and I love the music.

We also saw the Rideau Chapel Gallery, a space that recreates some of a convent chapel that had been destroyed years ago (now condos). The picture I the link is nicer than the actual space because the gallery has 40 speakers that each broadcast one voice from a 40 person choir singing a Thomas Tallis motet. That was spectacular.

Then I took my cat Gatita to the vet and learned that the nasty-looking lump on her belly is a granuloma, not cancer.

Now I'm off to spend a couple of hours knitting with friends. It's starting to feel like I'm on vacation.
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Yesterday's headband:
no title

Today's project:

Very tired now. Going to go to fall boom into bed.

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A hat. An incredibly boring hat. I can practically do this pattern in my sleep, and it's what I often carry around in my purse in case I need something to do with my hands. But it's done.

Headbands, OTOH, are turning out to be fun. I have found many patterns and they are just about the right size to practice new techniques without getting bored. So far today I have downloaded three new patterns to try. It's helping to bust the stash, but it's not doing much towards getting me through the many projects I already have on the go.
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I should be posting Day 6, too, but it is 11 pm and I'm still stitching so it will have to wait until tomorrow.

This is a headband that I thought was rather cute. It has braided strips along one side that don't show well in this picture. I suppose I could try taking another one, but it is 11 pm and I hate taking pictures of myself anyway, so this will have to do.

For tomorrow, I think I will sew something. I am thoroughly sick of knitting at the moment.
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I finished these this morning, but had to deal with some other chores so I'm late posting.

Now for a nap, and then on to the next project.
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It's another child's hat. I promise things will get more interesting!

Me-Made May

May. 1st, 2015 09:26 pm
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Day one - a child's hat of mystery yarn.


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