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I tried to sleep in, but failed. Instead, I used the time to clean the kitchen, do laundry, read for a bit, start supper (pulled pork in the slow cooker) and get rid of junk.

Then it was off to riding, which went fairly well. It may be the first time EVER that I have had a lesson without getting yelled at about loopy reins or no leg on, or both. I remembered a lot of stuff from the dressage show last week and was able to apply it. Sadly, dressage does not teach on how to grab mane when going over jumps. This is something I always struggle with, but today I watched how ShuLing does it and finally figured out where some of my problems are. For next time, I need to remember that "grab mane" really means "dig your knuckles into the horse's neck, do a mane release as required, and do not let those knuckles leave the horse's neck until he/she has landed."

Next up was a trip to the barn where ShuLing helps out. I had been all set to read a book, do some spinning, or maybe drive into Kemptville to pick up a few things, but they needed Buddy exercised, so I got to ride him. He is a nice tall thoroughbred, about six years old. He is also incredibly bouncy and a bit lazy. I have heard my instructors telling me for at least the last year that I need to get the horse balanced. Balanced means the rear end is working at least as hard as the front end, and the horse isn't pulling down into its bit. Buddy was not/not balanced! After my lesson where Shi had been beautifully balanced for once, it was a shock to the system. But I was really able to feel the difference and figure out how to correct it.

The evening has been spent doing homework (they both understood!), cooking (lasagne, brownies, merengues, and finishing the pulled pork - which Geoff liked), bottling the blueberry melomel, and still more house cleaning in preparation for garbage day tomorrow.

Every weekend should be this good.


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