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Because I work on the Gatineau side of the river, I get St Jean Baptiste as a statutory holiday. I managed a delightfully productive day, and am looking forward to a relaxing evening.

To do today:
take box of books to book fair storage bin
print out quarterly exchequer reports
get float for event tomorrow, and deliver to Gina
meet Lenka for lunch at ribfest
take ShuLing to bank so she can activate her bank card

For bonus points:
take ShuLing to buy shorts
do laundry and wash floors (it appears Kaboone had a seizure in the night)
cook two different suppers, fill and run dishwasher
drive ShuLing to her dad's to pick up forgotten riding boots
buy watch strap
replace watch battery that died while the watch sat for months waiting for new strap
finish knitting sweater
more laundry

It was a really good day. It was fun to just get around the city by car for a change, and take in a local tourist activity while catching up on the news.

Turns out my friend Lenka has finally decided to bite the bullet and take a year's leave from work to go join her husband. He's Peruvian and came to Canada to get a graduate law degree, which is when they got married (they had met while she was working in Peru a few years ago). He has gone back to work in Peru. Though he would easily have qualified to stay in Canada, he felt obligated to go back and work for his country for a while. Lenka has been looking for work down there, but hasn't had much luck. Now he is starting to do well enough financially that she is just going to go, and spend time working for local NGOs if nothing else comes up. She'll have fun, and they'll be lucky to have her.

While dropping off books, I ran into Geoff's old daycare teacher and we had a very nice chat. I was surprised to see that she is still there after 15 years - it's a tough career. She looks great though, and is still having fun.

In a complete non sequiter, my basement appears to be bone dry, despite all the rain today.


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