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Aug. 7th, 2015 01:54 pm
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I went shopping at Value Village twice this week and got some fab clothes - most ready to wear, a few needing minor alterations, and two shirts to play with refashioning. I have been following a couple of sewing blogs and now I'm inspired. I even scored a pair of wood and leather clogs that are just like the kind I wore growing up in Germany.

Yesterday's massage left me sore, but starting to feel normal again. There is much stretching in my future, and more work to break up old scar tissue, but it's nice to be able to stand up and sit down without using my arms to pull me/balance.

At the pond this morning I got to see the otter that has moved in. Folks think there is a pair but so far, only once confirmed sighting at a time. It was frolicking happily quite close to the beach for quite a while. I finally got in and did 4 km. It took me about 2 hours, but it's the longest distance I have done I a year, so I was pleased. I finished strong and don't feel terribly achey (though I'll sleep tonight).

Now I'm watching my daughter ride while sewing, and later I'll make rasperry and coconut squares and some wonderberry jam. Yesterday I finally tested a new stuffing recipe that included barberries (an elusive plant I have wanted to try for years), and updated my sausage research blog.

All in all, it's a pretty nice ending to my first week of vacation.
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After being up way too late last night, I was in the pool at 7 am. My comfy lane of just three weeks ago is now too slow, so my swim times must be getting better. I got hauled out part-way through and introduced to the coach who is organizing participation in Nationals. He gave me all the instructions on how to register, so I guess I'm committed now. I even joined the gang practising for relays - dove off the starting blocks for the first time ever, and didn't disqualify my team.

Then it was off to the pottery show with [ profile] pink_lady, and home for a few minutes rest before my mom showed up to sew. We were working on a lovely turquoise linen dress that just wouldn't go together right; the right and wrong side of the fabric were virtually indistinguishable, but there was slight fading in spots on one side, so care was needed. We ended up sewing and unpicking the lined bodice about three times, and the darts in the skirt were almost as painful. I<m down to joining at the waist, inserting a zipper and hemming, plus I got most of another dress cut out. I was absolutely exhausted and couldn't convince Mom it was time to go until I pointed out it had gotten dark. Dad hates to drive in the dark. She would have kept going until the whole dress was completed. My mom scares me.


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