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The local bus to my office, which is whimsical at the best of times, was missing in action today. I waited for my first bus for a bit, then decided it would be faster to walk the eight blocks or so to my next bus. When I got there, a large crowd had already been waiting for about a half an hour. I waited for fifteen minutes or so (watching no less than seven buses that should have passed me while I was walking) and then spotted a friend walking to work so I joined him. I beat the bus.

At least I wasn't in Montreal. This is just wacky!
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I love winter. I wish I could get out and snowshoe, or ski, or skate (maybe I'll take my skates to the office tomorrow).

This year, however, I am sick to death of the endless cold. Also the snowplows that keep filling my driveway just as I finish emptying it. And the fact that my driveway is too small. My neighbour and I are both terrified we are going to hit each other because it's so slippery and there is so little room to manoeuvre. I'm back to parking on the lawn, which will annoy the neighbour's landlord no end, but it's the only thing that is remotely safe and allows a passenger to get in and out of the car.

I have been home for 90 minutes, sitting in front of the heater, and I'm still cold.

Riding show

Jun. 4th, 2012 09:56 pm
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I got a few pictures I was rather pleased with.

I liked the range of blues and whites in this:

This one shows the crazy skies we had:

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This was the weather a week ago:

The neighbour's house, with its lamp-post and tulips, appeared to be right out of Narnia:

Today, I discovered I have nuthatches:

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It seems like a good time to post pictures from this weekend. These were taken up the street from my house. On Saturday, it was strange to drive by as a bunch of kids played frisbee in front of one snowman, whil another kid and his mom worked on the snow woman.

If you look closely, you can see all three.

They won't last long, though. Today I saw my first groundhog, and heard the neighbourhood woodpecker for the first time since last fall.


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